30th September 2020

6:00 PM AEST(GMT+10)   |   12:00 PM GST(GMT+4)


The objectives of this course are to strengthen the participants’ visualisation and DAX programming skills in Power Bi, so that they become confident at self-serving their analytical needs using the tool. This will be achieved by refining their applied knowledge of common visualisation techniques and exposing them to complex DAX functions within Power BI. The course will be fully hands-on with example dataset(s) provided in Excel format.

Participants are expected to have a beginner-to-intermediate knowledge of the Power BI tool. The Power Bi Desktop application must be installed on each participants’ laptop. This course is designed for finance professionals with limited IT background. Skills attained through this course are largely industry-agnostic, meaning the knowledge gained from attending the course is expected to be transferable across a range of different industries.

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    Who should attend? (Participants):

    This hands-on course is designed for middle and senior industry professionals who want to strengthen their front-end and self-service skillset in Power BI, including:

    • Finance Managers and Controllers
    • Strategy Directors and Managers
    • Budget, Corporate, Business and Financial Analysts
    • Project Managers and Risk Analysts
    • Investment and Management Accountants
    • Heads of Business Units and Business Planners
    • Financial Advisors and Corporate Analysts
    • Business and Financial Analysts


    Awais Memon is Regional Assurance and Analytics Manager in an Australian publicly listed company. He has around 10 years of internal audit and risk analytics experience across different industries such as financial services, public sector and manufacturing. In his current role he manages risk and assurance activities across the ANZ region and leads the delivery of global data analytics initiatives of the internal audit function.

    Awais holds an MSc Development Finance degree from University of Manchester, UK. He completed his studies in UK on a fully funded British government scholarship as a Chevening Scholar in 2014-15. Prior to that, he obtained Masters and Bachelor degrees in business administration from the Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

    Key Takeaways for Participants:

    • Core workshop – Basic data modelling and advanced DAX functions
    • Load and transform data using an example datasets and build a working data model.
    • Create a new date table for time intelligence using DAX.
    • Understand different primary and secondary keys within the data model.
    • Build relationships linking primary/secondary keys.
    • Clarify the type of relationships such as one-to-one, one-to-many etc.
    • Creating MEASURES using DAX functions.
    • Examples of DAX formulas/functions to apply: FILTER, IF, SUM, CALCULATE, DISTINCTCOUNT, DIVIDE, ALL, SUMMARIZECOLUMNS etc.
    • Apply feature engineering to create new variables from existing variables in a table using different DAX functions.
    • Build KPIs and metrics that help visualise specific business performance questions
    • Use cases of complex and multiple nested DAX functions such as nesting multiple IF statements or using SUMMARISE, SUM and FILTER functions together.
    • Using time intelligence DAX functions.
    • Core workshop 2 – Visualisations.
    • Waterfall chart.
    • Column and Bar charts.
    • Pie and Donut charts.
    • Scatter plots.
    • Funnels.
    • Time series charts.
    • Format the charts.
    • Apply filters on visualisations, reports, pages etc.

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