01. Blended Learning

Blended learning is the foundation for all our programmes. We combine the perfect blend of formal, informal, online and classroom techniques to increase your employees’ knowledge retention. Our technology enables social learning communities, encouraging collaboration across teams and business units.

02. Talent Transformation

These programmes are designed to help you build a pipeline of engaged, motivated leaders that promote your unique culture as they drive organizational change.

With a strong understanding of your culture and strategic objectives, we work closely with you to identify your leadership behaviors and determine the characteristics and skills that define high potential talent. We will then design a bespoke approach with the right mix of learning and development events to support your rising talent; from facilitated real-time projects and coaching on-the-job, to workshops and online learning.

03. Virtual Classrooms

Our Virtual Classrooms allow you to access a simple, convenient, and reliable digital learning environment where participants in different locations can actively engage in content and course materials.

We use collaboration and conference tools that make it simple for your employees to engage and participate from any location with any device.

They provide an excellent opportunity for your people to experience what it’s like to work virtually whilst developing their knowledge and skillset accordingly

04. Learning Needs Analysis

Conducting a learning needs analysis (LNA) helps you to develop your people and organizational capability.

Working with key stakeholders, line managers, and employees, we use a combination of approaches including one-to-one interviews, focus groups, role analysis, and questionnaires to identify your short, medium and long-term learning needs.

At the beginning of the process, we’ll consult with you to understand your strategy, the factors impacting your success, and any associated challenges. We’ll analyze the results of this consultation to identify skills, knowledge and behavioral gaps and then align learning and development activity to fill these gaps. Following this, if required, we use this data to create departmental learning pathways linked to organizational, team and individual role objectives.

05. Tailored Learning Solutions

From the Boardroom to the front line, we can deliver engaging, multi-faceted learning programmes that will nurture the skills needed to fast-track development and enable teams to flourish.

  • Customized training programmes delivered globally by local experts
  • Data analysis on learner activity to demonstrate ROI & measure impact
  • Optimized with the perfect blend of learning techniques and technologies

06. Corporate Solutions

Company specific programs are individually designed to address each client’s organizational capabilities and business challenges.

We collaborate with global experts, tailor pedagogy to include case studies and practical assignments and work with the industry experts to provide a complete 360 degree learning experience for your executives.

07. Microlearning

Micro Learning is video-based learning that delivers key concepts in as short an amount of time as possible. You’ve probably already chosen to use Micro Learning, it’s the way people choose to learn.

We developed Knowledge Bites ® as a Product for our Professional executives who are eager to take in knowledge quickly.

08. Experts Talk

ABN Expert Talks are episodes of 15 to 60 minutes. Their content varies from interviews to discussions and monologues aimed at listeners who want to delve deeper into business trends and financial knowledge & concepts. These Talks are more casual than “Microlearning – Knowledge Bites” and are ideal to find inspiration for your day or on a commuting journey in your professional career.