All our Finance related courses are designed & reviewed by Qualified Financial Professionals having more than 25 years’ experience in the field and industry to enhance your practical knowledge & exposure.

ABN courses led and delivered by leading Industry Experts in their field, our courses will provide you with enhanced knowledge, practical skills and techniques, and market intelligence to improve your performance and leadership potential.

With unique access to the latest industry news and insights, we deliver world-class learning programmed with a lasting impact. We deliver training in more than 20 different topic areas around the globe for corporate and financial executives.

Executive Programs

ABN Academy Develop the skills and expertise required of today’s top performing Finance leaders and Board Executives.

Our senior executive level training courses are designed by industry experts with many years’ leadership experience. We tailor the content of each course to your leadership style, using psychometric testing. Designed around practical case studies, our courses are not only practical but also provide a great opportunity to build a network and discuss your challenges in a supportive environment.

Corporate Finance

Learn new tools and techniques to drive long-term growth in any economic climate.

Designed and led by experienced finance professionals with excellent training credentials, our corporate finance training is interactive and practical.

Our corporate finance training courses equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to give advice on optimal capital structures for public companies, Private Equity backed LBOs and private SMEs. By learning how to apply the Rating Agencies’ credit analysis methodologies to check the firm’s sustainable debt headroom, you can use financial modelling skills to show how the numbers stack up behind a sound strategic M&A logic.


Learn how to effectively evaluate and mitigate risk to reduce uncertainty and drive better decision-making.

ABN’s financial risk management courses cover topics relevant to all levels of the organization, including the Board.

Designed and delivered by experienced financial risk professionals, our risk courses focus on best practice. They cover operational risk, the role of internal audit, creating and understanding board risk dashboards, and establishing an ERM framework.


Learn how to do project financial modelling and understand other important considerations for Project financing including loan documentation and insurance.

Gain a thorough and practical working knowledge of the key areas of project and infrastructure finance with courses led by leading industry experts.

ABN Academy project finance courses draw on real-life case studies to examine why major infrastructure projects have succeeded or failed. They provide a framework for valuing, structuring and financing large-scale projects, including project finance modelling, and important considerations for loan documentation and insurance.

Project Management

Learn how to successfully manage projects from beginning to end, no matter their size, is a highly desirable skill in today’s workplace.

In Project management courses, you’ll learn required skills like estimating and scheduling as well as how to produce project-related documentation like project plan worksheets, charters and communication plans. Learn how to use planning tools like Gantt and RACI charts, establish baselines and much more.

We offer credible project management certification which helps project managers significantly increase their professional standing in the global workplace.

Our instructors are expert practitioners in project and contract management. Our courses continually undergo rigorous evaluations and are regularly updated to reflect the latest practices and our audience’s evolving needs.


Effective strategic business planning helps organizations to stay focused, analyze the marketplace, set accurate goals, assign responsibilities and identify appropriate staff development plans.

ABN Academy Strategic Courses provide you with the skills to use a SWOT analysis, BSC, KPIs design, create and implement a strategic plan, implement required changes, identify the foundation of your organizational values, create valuable reports, set achievable goals and implement smart strategies.


ABN Academy portfolio of auditing courses will help you stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance.

Our audit, governance & risk management courses cover everything you need to know as an auditor, regardless of your level of experience & industry.

ABN’s line of risk and compliance courses run the gamut from the essentials of internal audit to risk based auditing and advanced audit techniques. We cover both financial and non- financial industry related courses including Internal and External audit domain.


ABN Academy provide broad range of professional development and enhancement programs, services and values for financial professionals and other corporate executives.

Our courses cover Soft Skills along with Team building, Motivational skills, Negotiation skills and other career building techniques to grow professionally in this challenging and competitive world.

Please review the list of the courses which suit your personal development requirement for your next move.

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