What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is video-based learning that delivers key concepts in as short an amount of time as possible. You’ve probably already chosen to use Microlearning, it’s the way people choose to learn.

We developed Knowledge Bites ® as a Product for our Professional executives who are eager to take in knowledge quickly.

These Microlearning Videos are free for our registered members on our library content.

Knowledge Bites ® are 5 to 15-minute lessons aimed at listeners who are eager to take in knowledge quickly and efficiently. These Talks are presented powerfully and to the point. Listen in to learn new skills and apply them immediately.

Knowledge Bites ® are short, dynamic animated videos covering a wide range of essential management and leadership models. In just 5-10 minutes they deliver timely and relevant nuggets of knowledge to time-deprived learners.

Knowledge Bites ® are easily accessed via the internet, your intranet or LMS. Because they can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone, your people can use them when and where they need them most.

Knowledge Bites ® help to improve your organizational productivity and performance by giving insight into management and leadership models, tools and techniques. You select the ones most relevant to your needs, ensuring the learning is appropriate to your workplace.

Knowledge Bites ® ABN Training currently have an extensive range of 50 videos available in this product series. To help you select they have been placed in an appropriate category or categories and each one has a product description and details of the learning outcomes you will achieve.

You can select the Knowledge Bites ® to satisfy many goals, including, to provide additional resources aligned to learning programmed, support learning transfer into the workplace, use within social learning or perhaps to support tool kits for workplace challenges.

These Microlearning Videos are free for our registered members.

Collection and Topics on Knowledge Bites ®.

Performance Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Presentation Skills
Ethical Leadership
Personal development
Effective communication
Team management
Leadership & Management Styles
Critical thinking and Decision making
Finance Concepts
Project Finance
Corporate Finance
Career Planning
Strategy & Planning
Financial Risk and Regulatory compliance
Project management

Importance of Executive Coaching for CFO’s …

Leadership Styles

Negotiation Skills For Managers

What are Key Performance
indicators (KPIs)

Benchmarking .. Why it is important?

Fintech .. Financial Technology

Pareto Principle 80/20 Rule

What is balanced score card?

Power-BI Visualisation

Left brain vs right brain . Myth or Theory ?

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ/ EI) ?

IFRS 16 Leases – Expert Talk

What is SOX ? (Sarbanes Oxley Act)

Advanced Financial Modelling 

Resume writing Skills

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