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12th October 2020

7:00 PM Australian Time (GMT+11)   |   12:00 PM Dubai Time(GMT+4)   


Emotional Intelligence is an awareness of the emotional state of oneself and others, together with the ability to influence feelings towards the positive. It is an art of empathy and leadership. It measures one’s ability to understand how his/her actions influence others’ responses, emotionally. In order to achieve the goals effectively, one should be able to impart positive emotions besides having technical knowledge. Emotional intelligence skills help people to gain cooperation.

Managers should know that caring for peoples’ feelings is important in order to make them productive and increase their work output. A good manager is always sensitive to peoples’ feelings and works on building positive emotions in the team.

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    Who should attend? (Participants):

    This course is designed for middle and senior business and finance professionals as well as general managers who need to learn EI Skills in this competitive corporate world to manage the team and senior management , including:

    • Finance Managers and Controllers
    • Strategy Directors and Managers
    • Budget, Corporate, Business and
    • Financial Analysts
    • Project Managers and Risk Analysts
    • Investment and Management Accountants
    • Heads of Business Units and Business Planners
    • Financial Advisors and Corporate Analysts
    • Business and Financial Analysts Directors/CFOS
    • Other Corporate Executives


    Sadaf Tauqir – Soft Skills Specialist and EQ Expert

    She is an influencer, author, seasoned corporate trainer with 15 years of experience. She has been a business faculty in HCT (Higher Colleges of Technology) for 5 years. Her expertise as a Soft Skills Specialist and Mindset Makeover Mentor lead people to life-changing experiences. She had done masters in Philosophy of Management. She is a certified EQ assessor. She is an ICF and ANLP certified NLP practitioner from USA. She has published 2 scholarly articles and 1 conference paper. Her upcoming book “FLIP” is very insightful for people and self-management.

    Sadaf has done following projects in UAE :

    • Project Based UAE Consultancy on NLP practices to develop “Innovation
    • Thinking and Creativity” with Sajory Consultant for Urban Planning Department of Abu Dhabi.
    • Tele-mentoring for Thomson Reuters and DP World.
    • “Public Speaking” training for Bio Science GmBH Germany.
    • “Happiness at Work” training for Directorate of Town Planning and Survey, Government of Sharjah.
    • Project Based UAE Consultancy for CCM Consultancy.
    • Open enrollment and In-house programs on NLP, EQ, Soft Skills, Public Speaking, Coaching Skills and Sales Hacks for multiple clients.
    • Worked with ADGM academy Abu Dhabi for “Public Speaking” and “Creative Thinking” trainings.
    • “Mindset Makeover Mentor” for mid to top level managers, multiple clients.
    • Head and Trainer at IKL (Institute of Knowledge and Leadership), Dubai.

    Key Takeaways for Participants:

    After finishing the course participants will be able to:

    • Understand the four pillars of EI
    • Identify the key EI skills
    • Learn your own triggers – what makes you react more emotionally
    • Develop your rapport with individuals
    • Be able to manage and work with people more effectively by understanding and respecting their emotions
    • Align Purpose and Vision at work

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