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What is Emotional Intelligence ?

As per the latest definition :

 “Emotional Intelligence involves a combination of competencies that allow you to be aware of, understand and be in control of your own emotions; to recognize and understand the emotions of others and use this knowledge to manage your behaviour and relationships”.

The Main areas which focus in EI , are to Build Trust & Influence others with Strengthen Relationships along with Leading Resilience.


As per the research and experts there are 5 important components of Emotional Intelligence.

1- Self Awareness
2- Self regulation
3- Motivation
4- Empathy
5-Social Skills

Emotional Intelligence is an important subject for leaders and managers in today’s world. As per the recent research EI or EQ is more important than IQ.

Source : HBR



Izhar Khan – Author is the FCA- CA ANZ, Business Consultant based In Melbourne Australia associated with Business Consultancy Firm having more than 20 years’ experience including Blue Chip MNCs like 3M and Stanley Black & Decker internationally.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article is for information only and is not offered as advice. Readers are encouraged to consult a suitably qualified professional adviser to obtain advice tailored to their specific requirements.
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