Project Portfolio Management for Business Transformation

Project Portfolio Management for Business Transformation

Course Features

  • Certificate: Yes
  • Course Capacity: 20
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • CPE Hours: 24


“Project portfolio management is the most important skill a business must master to be successful today.”

Program Overview:

A portfolio connects business strategy to the bottom line: the products and projects that have to achieve business results. Project Portfolio Management is targeted at project, program, and product managers, as well as business leaders, who want to learn the art and science of portfolio management and deliver success repeatably and reliably every time. Learn exactly what a portfolio is—a top-down strategy delivery vehicle—and what it isn’t—a bottom-up reporting consolidation.
Get an overview of the portfolio life cycle, from idea generation and capacity planning through execution and delivery. Find out who plays the important roles and how accountability and empowerment can lead to better results for the entire business. Next, learn how to implement portfolio management and integrate tools and techniques from other business areas. Plus, find out how to assess performance and manage “beyond the project" once delivery has occurred.

Topics Covered:

  • Planning & preparing for Transformation• Managing the stakeholders
  • Deploying & managing Transformation
  • Identify how to connect the strategy with delivery in portfolio management.
  • Define a portfolio lifecycle.
  • Explore business casing and analysis in portfolio management.
  • Examine capacity and capability planning in portfolio management.
  • Break down selection and prioritization in portfolio management.
  • Recognize the elements of managing change in portfolio management
  • The Leadership role in Transformation
  • Why Transformation projects fail
  • Success & Failure Case studies

Program benefits:

  • Ability to lead sustainable change.
  • Develop and utilise the skills & tools necessary to plan, manage and deliver transformation
  • Ability to apply the right tools to nurture and support organisational development.
  • Develop key project management skills
  • Use prioritization tools to choose which new initiatives to implement.
  • Ability to constantly review and iterate my approach towards transformation.

Key Takeaways:

  • helps determine which change initiatives the organisation should undertake to meet its strategic business objectives
  • balances the project portfolio for ‘do-ability’ within the organisation’s resource and funding constraints
  • monitors and guides the chosen initiatives throughout their lifecycle and ensures the desired outcomes are achieved and delivered
  • enhances transparency, accountability and corporate governance
  • monitors risk and key performance indicators at the portfolio level in order to respond accordingly
  • Understand the requirements for, and challenges of, effective organizational transformation
  • Identify key stakeholders and understand how to gain their support, motivation and input
  • Demonstrate commitment & resolve in championing & leading transformation
  • Align objectives, project plan transformation & schedule work

Program Participants:

  • Senior Leaders who want to transform their business
  • Managers, Section Heads and Team Leaders tasked with transformational tasks
  • Change Management, Quality, Excellence & Risk Professionals who want to learn techniques to support transformation
  • Project, Purchasing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources professionals likely to be involved in, or affected by, organizational transformation
  • All staff wanting to be agents of change, rather than victims of change

In House Training

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In house Training Course Requirements :

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